As a medical professional, a psychologist holds the honor of having the authority to diagnose and cure disorders or illnesses of the mind. With such a prestigious profession, people might think that psychologists make hundreds of thousands in a year. Those people might be surprised when they find out what the average psychologist salary really is.

Having a career or a profession as a medical practitioner is a coveted goal for many people. The prestige, the status and the honor of having a medical degree is undeniably strong that many men and women still struggle to achieve their dreams. But what is it like to live in today’s modern world with only the earnings of a psychologist?

Barely Making it with the Average Psychologist Salary in Today’s Modern World

In truth, though, psychologists make only an average of $80,000 – $85,000 a year. That might seem high, but people have to take into consideration that most business men make as much as twice or thrice as much, with clocking in at less than almost half the hours.

This is because a psychologist is on call, everyday, for most days of the week. Dealing with mentally unstable clients, psychologists have to be prepared and available when their clients may need them. A psychologist’s main goal is to get the trust of each client, and showing that he or she is available whenever a client feels vulnerable.

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Can the Average Psychologist Salary be Increased?

Even though a psychologist might not make much in a year, he our she can make the best of it by taking as many clients as he or she can. Going on an independent practice add opposed to working add a hospital staff can prove to be more successful, especially if the psychologist is well-known. The disadvantage of this is that the more clients he our she admits, the lead time he or she can spend with his or her friends and family. go to to get more ideas.

Making a Career Out of a Calling

It all comes boiling down to whether the person can sacrifice their personal and social time for their professions. As with all medical professionals, a psychologist is more than a job–it is a calling. It is a profession that calls for much more than simple skills and knowledge–it calls for a heart that desires to truly help others, and is not all about the money.

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