What Factors Affect the CCNP Salary?


An information technology professional who is CCNP certified can make a decent living nearly anywhere in the country due to their marketability and the demand for certified networkers. However, there are several factors that help to determine the CCNP salary. By understanding these factors, students can design their future in the industry.

A CCNP salary is often determined by geography. Certain cities offer a higher salary due to the extraordinary demand for the skills the professional worked so hard to obtain. The highest paying …

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How much can a plumber earn?


Even though the plumber salary is usually not that attractive when compared to the salaries that other professions make, some people are still satisfied with plumbing as their profession. After all, even in a slow economy, the plumbing industry is not really affected. In fact, the plumbing profession is one of those professions which will likely survive even during an economic recession. Homes and industries need their services for the installation, maintenance as well as repair of pipes and other fixtures that are used …

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