Each and every business needs to have one type of payroll system or payroll service for making sure that their workers get paid correctly. Without any payroll system, your business will not last very long. To make sure that you have the correct type of payroll system, you must know which system will work best. And for that you must make sure you understand the different types of payroll systems. Here is how different types of payroll systems work.

The software payroll system

The software payroll services are one of the easiest ways of doing your business payroll. You are just getting one of the best software programs for managing payrolls. You upload it onto your computer. Then all that you should do be adding all your workers information and dependent’s information into the system. You also need to add the amount of salary that the workers are getting. And the software will do the rest. With increase of salary, you just need to change the amount on the software and you are ready to go. The only negative about this system is that you must remember to update your worker’s details frequently.

The manual payroll system

This is one of the oldest and most outdated types of payroll service. With this method, you will need a bookkeeper. The bookkeeper will manually enter all the workers information, dependents, and salary amount into a ledger book. Then every month, the bookkeeper will manually do all the deductions and calculations self, without the help of a computer. He must do this for each and every worker and write out the salary checks every month. This is a very long process and there is also a high risk of errors. This isn’t one of the favorite methods to use. Especially, for a large company.

To outsourcing your payroll

This is probably the easiest way of handling your payroll. They are doing the company’s payroll for you. Then you don’t need to employ people that are handling the payroll self. It will be done more efficiently and the risks of errors are minimal. The payroll outsourcing companies has all the necessary qualifications and experience to make sure that your payroll is up to date at all times. You will also get a statement at the end of the month to keep you updated with your payroll and financial status. This is much easier and you will have less stress on your shoulders. The company’s payroll will cause you any sleepless nights when you outsourcing your payroll to a payroll outsourcing company.


The three most common systems of a company’s payroll are: The software payroll system where the computer will do most of the work for you; the manually system where the bookkeeper must do everything about the payroll self and manually write it in a ledger book; and the outsourcing method, where you hire a company for your payroll services. The payroll outsourcing method is the newest and easiest way of making sure your company’s payroll is done, the right way without any errors.view more details at http://business.financialpost.com/2014/12/05/should-you-hire-in-house-or-outsource-heres-how-to-decide/

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